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List of Talks, e-Talks and e-Posters (Posted time is KST; KST = UT+09)

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Day 1, August 4, Thursday at the Bexco Convention Hall, Room 109

(UT 00:45 – 01:30)
Morning e-Poster session
(UT 01:30 – 03:05)
Morning Oral SessionFM 1-1
Chair: Bong Won Sohn
(UT 01:30 – 01:50)
Kazuhiro Hada
Event Horizon Telescope Observations of M87
(UT 01:50 – 02:10)
Elisabete de Gouveia dal Pino
[Invited] [Remote]
Magnetic Reconnection and Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Jets
(UT 02:10 – 02:25)
Jae-Young KimSpace-VLBI view of the heart of M87 by RadioAstron at 22 GHz
(UT 02:25 – 02:40)
Guang-Yao ZhaoUnravelling the Innermost Jet Structure of OJ 287 with GMVA+ALMA Observations
(UT 02:40 – 02:55)
lje ChoThe Intrinsic Structure of Sagittarius A* at 1.3cm and 7mm
Lunch (UT 02:55 – 04:30)
(UT 04:30 – 06:00)
Afternoon Oral Session 1FM 1-2
Chair: Gabriele Giovannini
(UT 04:30 – 04:50)
Jongho Park
Collimation and Acceleration of AGN jets
(UT 04:50 – 05:05)
Giancarlo MattiaJets from accretion disk dynamos: a consistent model for dynamo and resistivity
(UT 05:05 – 05:25)
Andrew Chael
Supermassive black holes and relativistic jets: insights from simulations and Event Horizon Telescope observations
(UT 05:25 – 05:40)
José L. Gómez The filamentary structure of 3C279 probed by RadioAstron
(UT 05:40 – 06:00)
Stefan Wagner
Constraints on Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Jets from Gamma-ray observations
Break (UT 06:00 – 06:15)
(UT 06:15 – 07:45)
Afternoon Oral Session 2FM 1-3
Chair: Jose Luis Gomez
(UT 06:15 – 06:30)
Philip Edwards The parsec-scale properties of TeV blazars
(UT 06:30 – 06:45)
Markus BoettcherA shock-in-jet synchrotron mirror model
(UT 06:45 – 07:05)
Z. Lucas Uhm
Physics of Relativistic Jets in Gamma-ray Bursts in the Era of Multi-messenger Astronomy
(UT 07:05 – 07:20)
James LeungUnveiling gamma-ray burst jet properties with radio observations
(UT 07:20 – 07:35)
Florian EppelFirst Results of the TELAMON AGN Monitoring Program In the Light of the Doppler Crisis and Neutrino Emission
(UT 07:35 – 07:50)
Gaëtan Fichet de ClairfontaineCharacteristic multi-wavelength emission signatures from strong shock-shock interactions in perturbed relativistic jets
(UT 07:50 – 08:30)
Afternoon e-Poster session

Day 2, August 9, Tuesday at the Bexco Convention Hall, Room 109

(UT 00:45 – 01:30)
Morning e-Poster session
(UT 01:30 – 03:05)
Morning Oral SessionFM 1-4
Chair: Markus Boettcher
(UT 01:30 – 01:50)
Susumu Inoue
[Invited] [Remote]
Gamma-ray bursts and their outflows: physics and implications of very high energy emission
(UT 01:50 – 02:05)
Bestin JamesModeling the GRB jet properties with 3D general relativistic simulations of magnetically arrested accretion flows
(UT 02:05 – 02:20)
David RussellUniversal magnetic field properties in relativistic jets from accreting objects
(UT 02:20 – 02:35)
Mark BirkinshawPKS 2152-699: jet coherence after strong jet-cloud interactions
(UT 02:35 – 02:50)
Kohei Ichikawa
Rapidly growing supermassive black holes in extremely radio-loud galaxies
(UT 02:50 – 03:05)
Shifu Zhu
The origin of X-ray emission from most radio-loud quasars
Lunch (UT 03:05 – 04:30)
(UT 04:30 – 05:55)
Afternoon Oral Session 1FM 1-5
Chair: Diana Worrall
(UT 04:30 – 04:50)
Dipanjan Mukherjee
[Invited] [Remote]
Simulating young evolving relativistic jets from supermassive black holes
(UT 04:50 – 05:05)
Maccagni FilippoJets and ISM interplay from the nucleus to the outskirts: the two cases of Centaurus A and Fornax A
(UT 05:05 – 05:20)
Motoki Kino
Witnessing the moments of jet-cloud collisions in the young radio galaxy 3C84
(UT 05:20 – 05:35)
Joana KramerRay-Tracing in Hybrid Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Jet Simulations: A Polarimetric Study
(UT 05:35 – 05:55)
Francoise Combes
Jet-ISM interaction: observations
Break (UT 05:55 – 06:15)
(UT 06:15 – 07:45)
Afternoon Oral Session 2FM 1-6
Jae-Young Kim
(UT 06:15 – 06:35)
Andrew Fabian
Jet-ICM interaction
(UT 06:35 – 06:55)
Filippo D’Ammando
Unveiling the physics of relativistic jets with LSST and CTA
(UT 06:55 – 07:15)
Maria J. Rioja
New Opportunities with Next-Generation Instruments: SKA and Millimetron
(UT 07:15 – 07:30)
Ulisses Barres de AlmeidaPotential for Very High Energy gamma-ray transient monitoring with SWGO
(UT 07:30 – 07:50)
Gabriele GiovanniniConcluding Remarks
(UT 07:30 – 08:30)
Afternoon e-Poster session


Kotaro MoriyamaFuture Prospects for Constraining Black Hole Spacetime: Horizon-scale Variability of Astrophysical Jet
Kunwoo YiResolving the acceleration and collimation zone in a jet of flat spectrum radio quasar, 1928+738
Ashok SingalOrientation of jet axes with observer’s line of sight and the discrepancies seen with the unified scheme of powerful radio galaxies and quasars
Kelly GourdjiConstraining jets from gravitational wave mergers with VLBI: challenges and opportunities
Agnieszka JaniukStructure and Variability of Magnetically Dominated Jets from Accreting Black Holes
Junhyun BaekCircumnuclear multi-phase gas around the central AGN in a cool-core cluster, A1644-South
Donggeun TakProbing the multiwavelength emission scenario of GRB 190114C
Tombo Fitahiana RarivoarinoroMIGHTEE: revealing the radio properties of J0224.2-0528, a giant radio galaxy in the XMM-LSS Early Science field
Ulisses Barres de AlmeidaShould we connect the dots? Probing EVPA rotations in Blazar polarimetric time-series with Gaussian Processes
Hiroaki YamamotoAssociation of molecular clouds and their details at western part of W 50/SS 433
Hyunwook RoSpectral Analysis of Parsec-Scale Jet in M87: Observational Constraint on the Magnetic Field Strengths in the Jet
Jennifer ChacónSearching for peculiar GRBs with temporal and spectral properties outside the canonical classification
Zhiyuan PeiBeaming Effect and Relativistic Jet Characteristic in Fermi Blazars
Ayan BhattacharjeeA Simulation Study on the Morphological Dichotomy of FR-I and FR-II Jets
Jakob KnollmüllerDynamic and frequency-resolved reconstructions of variable radio sources from VLBI data
Víctor Manuel Patiño ÁlvarezBaldwin Effect Study in a Sample of FSRQ-type Blazars
Dharam LalRadio jets of extended sources in the Coma cluster
Raúl Antonio Amaya AlmazánMultiwavelength analysis of the FSRQs CTA 102, 3C 454.3 and B2 1633+382
Junghwan OhA persistent double nuclear structure in 3C 84
Luca IghinaDirect observation of an extended X-ray jet at z=6.1
Roberto Soria Shock-ionized bubbles powered by super-critical accretion


day 1
morning session
August 4
Xiaopeng ChengEAVN study of Sgr A* during flaring Activity of 2019
Myeonghwan OhAccelerated proton produced by magnetic Penrose process in Sgr A*
Yik Ki MaRadio Broadband Spectro-polarimetric Time Variabilities of AGN Jets
Sincheol KangInterferometric monitoring of gamma-ray bright AGNs: Measuring the magnetic field strength of 4C +29.45
Giancarlo MattiaA comparison of approximate non-linear Riemann solvers for Relativistic MHD
Giancarlo Mattia Relativistic Outflows from a GR-MHD Mean-field Disk Dynamo
day 1
afternoon session
August 4
Gaston EscobarNeutron-driven cosmic rays from microquasar jets
Toktarkhan KomeshEarly-time colour variations in the GRB 201015A afterglow
Ryoji MatsumotoEnhanced Activity of Black Hole Accretion Flows during Hard-to-Soft State Transition
Bindu RaniHigh-energy polarization — a window about to open
Whee Yeon Cheong1 Year of High-cadence VLBI Monitoring of BL Lacertae During its Recent γ-ray Flaring Activity
Sang-Hyun KimCorrelations of the multiwavelength emission in the blazar CTA 102 during 2016-2018
Mabel OsorioCorrelation study between X-rays and TeV gamma-rays on blazars
day 2
morning session
August 9
Naoki IsobeFar-infrared study of particle acceleration in hot spots of FR-II radio galaxies
Ashkbiz DanehkarBlack Hole Spins from Relativistic Reflection Modeling of Accretion Disks in Radio-quiet AGN
Yen-Ting LinCorrelation (or not) between the Spin Directions of Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies
Jon HakkilaGamma-Ray Burst Pulse Morphologies and Time-Reversibility
Takumi OhmuraThe X-ray property of the forward shock in magnethydrodynamic simulations of active galactic nucleus jets
Jeongbhin SeoParticle acceleration at relativistic jets of FR-II radio galaxies
day 2
afternoon session
August 9
Sagar SethiAre giants the ancient radio galaxies?
Sagar Sethi Identification of a new S-shaped giant radio galaxy
Luca IghinaCosmic evolution of the jetted AGN population
Ashok SingalRelativistic beaming models are incongruent with large bends or misalignments seen in AGN jets

List of confirmed invited speakers

Kazuhiro Hada (NAOJ), M87 and EHT
Jongho Park (ASIAA), Polarization and kinematics in jets
Elisabete de Gouveia dal Pino (U Sao Paulo), Magnetic reconnection in jets
Andrew Chael (Princeton U), MHD simulation of relativistic jets
Dipanjan Mukherjee (IUCAA), Jet-ISM interaction – simulations
Francoise Combes (Observatoire de Paris), Jet-ISM interaction – observations
Andrew Fabian (U Cambridge), Jet-ICM interaction
Z. Lucas Uhm (KASI), GRB and GW
Susumu Inoue (RIKEN), GRB at VHE
Maria Rioja (ICRAR), SKA and Millimetron
Matteo Guainazzi  (European Space Agency), Athena
Filippo D’Ammando (INAF/IRA), LSST and CTA
Concluding remarks by Gabriele Giovannini (U Bologna)