First Announcement

The IAU Focus Meeting #1 “Physics of relativistic jets on all scales” will be held in the context of the IAU General Assembly 2022 in Busan (Republic of Korea).  

The website of the meeting is:

The goal of this Focus Meeting is to bring together experts in observational, theoretical and computational astrophysics with the aim of promoting our understanding of the physics of relativistic jets. Relativistic jets are among the most powerful manifestations of the energy released by compact objects on galactic and extragalactic scales. Non-thermal processes operating in jets are responsible for multi-messenger emissions, such as broadband electromagnetic radiation and high-energy neutrinos, and synergies can be drawn with gamma-ray bursts and gravitational wave emitters. Despite much effort, aspects of jet physics, such as the launching mechanism, jet collimation, high-energy emission, the life-cycle of jets, and the impact on the surrounding medium remain in debate. A combined and comprehensive approach, including observational, numerical and theoretical work is required to tackle the open issues. This meeting will discuss recent and forthcoming developments in observing techniques across the electromagnetic spectrum (e.g. EHT, SKA-VLBI, ALMA, LSST, JWST, and CTA) and in numerical simulations that will be a step forward in our understanding of the physics of relativistic jets.

The Focus Meeting 1 will take place on August 4th and 9th.